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Public Safety

Standard Requirements for Temporary Street Signs

Purpose: To aid responding emergency personnel in locating work sites more effectively and to standardize the appearance of temporary street signs at construction sites in Seminole County, the following standards shall apply:

      It is the Contractor/Developer's responsibility to periodically inspect that signs are still in place and legible. Failure to maintain street signs could result in a Notice of Code Violation.
      Temporary street signs shall be in place and inspected by the Addressing Office prior to approval of building permits.
      All letters shall be at no less than 4 inches in height.
      All letters shall be at least 1 inch in line width.
      All letters shall be black in color and contrast with the immediate background.
      Signs shall reflect the street name and designations approved by the Addressing Office.
      There shall be no punctuation or unapproved designations included in the street signs.
      Street signs shall be securely mounted with a minimum height of 6 feet.
      Signs shall be positioned so that the blades are parallel to the corresponding street.
      Cross blades are required at intersecting streets.

Prior to issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (CO), Permanent Street Signs shall be installed and inspected. For Permanent Street Sign requirements please contact the Seminole County Traffic Engineering Division at 407-665-5677. Permanent Street Signs have complete different specifications than temporary street signs.

Approved Designations:

      Avenue       AVE
      Boulevard       BLVD
      Causeway       CSWY
      Circle       CIR
      Court       CT
      County Road       CR
      Cove       CV
      Drive       DR
      Highway       HWY
      Lane       LN
      Loop       LOOP
      Parkway       PKWY
      Pass       PASS
      Place       PL
      Point       PT
      Road       RD
      Run       RUN
      State Road       SR
      Street       ST
      Terrace       TER
      Trail       TRL
      Way       WAY