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Found Pets

If you have found a stray animal, you have several options to choose from. The first thing you must decide is whether to hold the animal until the owner is located, or to have your local Animal Services agency hold the animal.

Found PetsIf you have found an animal in Seminole County and would like to turn the animal over to Seminole County Animal Services, you may bring the animal in during regular business hours or call to have the animal picked up by an officer during regular business hours. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THE ANIMAL SHOULD BE TURNED INTO THE AGENCY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHATEVER AREA THE ANIMAL WAS FOUND IN. For example, if the animal was found in Volusia county, it should be turned over to Volusia County Animal Services. If the animal was found in Orange county, it should be turned over to Orange County Animal Services; and so on. Click here for a list of local animal service agencies.

If you would like to hold the animal while looking for the owner, here are a few suggestions on how to locate those owners.

  • Contact all local animal agencies and file found pet reports for the animal in case the owner contacts those agencies looking for their pet.

  • Notify veterinarians in your area that you have found a pet and include a description of the animal.

  • Check with your neighbors and post signs and/or hand out flyers in the area where the animal was found.

  • Attempt to trace any identification the animal may be wearing. Remember to look inside the animals ears and on the inner thighs and belly for tattoos. Also, take the animal to your local animal agency or veterinarian to be scanned for a possible implanted microchip.

  • Contact your local newspapers to place a found ad. The Orlando Sentinel will allow those who have found a lost pet to place an ad free of charge. To place a "Found Ad" with the Orlando Sentinel, please call 407-420-5757.

  • Check the local newspapers for Lost Pets that match the description of the animal you have found.

If the animal owner is found, please remember to contact any agencies with which you have filed "found reports" so that those reports may be cancelled.

Please remember that if, at any time while holding the animal, you decide that you are unable to keep the animal any longer, you have the option to turn the animal over to your local Animal Services agency.