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Public Safety

Pet Licensing

All dogs, cats and ferrets residing in Seminole County are required to obtain a Seminole County Pet License for each animal in the household to be renewed ANNUALLY.

On September 23, 2014, Seminole County Resolution #2014-R-182 was adopted by the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). All fee changes contained within this resolution (with the exception of annual pet license fees) will become effective as of October 1, 2014, which signifies the beginning of the County’s fiscal year.
The new pet license fees will become effective as of November 1, 2014. The new annual license for sterilized pets (including dogs, cats and ferrets) will be reduced to $5.00, and the annual license for unsterilized pets (including dogs, cats and ferrets) will be increased to $25.00. CLICK HERE to access Seminole County Resolution #2014-R-182.

You can obtain your license in 3 ways:

ONLINE – Online licensing is available for both new and renewal pet licenses. Required documents may be submitted online, by fax or by mail. A convenience fee will apply per transaction.      

To License Online: Click Here

IN PERSON - Pet Licenses can be obtained by coming into our office, which is located at 232 Bush Blvd in Sanford (32773), during regular business hours.  The licensing fee is $5 for sterilized (spayed or neutered) animals and $25 for non-sterilized animals.  In order to purchase a pet license, your pet must first have a current rabies vaccination certificate registered in your name.  Pet licenses expire one year from the date of the rabies vaccination. We strongly advise against obtaining a rabies vaccination more than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of your license. Please be prepared to provide the proof of rabies vaccination when applying for a pet license.

BY MAIL – You will need to send a copy of the rabies certificate (in your name) along with the appropriate amount of money to:
Pet Data PO Box 141929 Irving, TX 75014.
Please make check payable to SCBCC.  Any paperwork mailed in will NOT be returned to you, so a copy is preferred. 

Pet Data is a company that we contract with to do our licensing.  They send out postcard reminders when a license is due to expire. 

Commercial Kennel Licenses

Seminole County, through the Animal Services Division, inspects and licenses commercial kennels.

A commercial kennel is defined as any premises operation or business used for the commercial boarding, breeding, buying, selling or rearing of animals. Excluded from this definition are animal hospitals unconnected with boarding, beauty parlors unconnected with boarding or incidental breeding, buying, selling or rearing of animals by non-commercial kennels.

Commercial kennel licenses are issued annually after payment of a fee established by the Board of County Commissioners. The current fee is $150.

Kennels first becoming subject to licensing after March thirty first of any calendar year pay one half of the full fee for that year. Failure to secure a license may result in penalty fees added to the cost of license and/or the issuance of citations due to a Code violation.

Prior to issuing a new license or renewing a license kennel facilities are inspected at an undisclosed time. The kennel license must be prominently displayed on the kennel's premises and available for public inspection.

A non commercial kennel is defined as any premises used primarily as the domicile of an animal owner, on which premises said owner breeds purebred or pedigreed animals primarily for the purposes of improving the physical soundness, temperament and conformation of a given breed or breeds; provided that where said animals are offered for sale, sold or exchanged for profit, and where said sales shall comprise twenty five percent (25%) or more of said owners? income, such operation shall be deemed a commercial kennel.