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Environmental Services


Effective June 14, 2011

Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU) Customer Limitations

Residents of unincorporated Seminole County paying the residential non-ad valorem assessment for collection and / or disposal of solid waste shall be allowed to deliver up to a combined 2.5 tons (5,000 pounds) of residential refuse each calendar year to the Landfill or Transfer Station. After 2.5 tons of waste have been delivered from a residence in one (1) calendar year, the applicable disposal fees shall be charged for waste deliveries.
For additional information please call 407-665-2260
Rates Adopted 06/14/11
**Payments can be made by cash or check (with a valid driver's license)**
Residential Non-Weighed Loads
Central Transfer Station Covered Uncovered
Equivalent of 8 bags or containers $4.00 $8.00
Over 8 bags or containers - up to one load - loads no higher than sides of vehicle (truck bed and/or trailer) $14.00 $28.00
Equivalent of 8 bags or containers $4.00 $8.00
Over 8 bags or containers - up to one load - loads no higher than sides of vehicle (truck bed and/or trailer) $7.00 $14.00
Over one load - loads higher than sides of vehicle (truck bed and/or trailer) $14.00 $28.00
Residential and Commercial Weighed Loads
Vehicle capacity of one ton and greater - Landfill & Transfer Station $33.17
(per ton)
(per ton)
Asbestos (Accepted at Landfill Only)
Each Asbestos delivery shall be charged a $100.00 special handling fee. Please call (407) 665-2260 for disposal criteria and to schedule delivery.
(per ton) 
Central Transfer Station    
Passenger and Light Truck Tires
(Limit four (4) tires at Transfer Station)
  (per tire)
Passenger and Light Truck Tires
(per tire)
Loads of more than ten (10) tires and loads of tires not from a passenger vehicle or light truck (oversized or off-road), as determined by the Solid Waste Management Division, will be charged by the ton. $100.00
(per ton)


Vehicle Weight Document Fees

Landfill & Transfer Station $5.00 per vehicle 

The Solid Waste Management Division maintains calibrated truck scales at the Landfill and Transfer Station, as permitted by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Customers that are not disposing of waste but utilize the truck scales for obtaining vehicle weight, whether loaded or empty, will be charged $5 per vehicle.