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Environmental Services

Water Department

Aerator TraySeminole County Operates 10 water treatment facilities throughout the County. Last year, the County Water System produced and treated 5.036 billion gallons of drinking water. On January 1, 1997, Seminole County Water Department started its corrosion control treatment for our largest system. This helps two thirds of the 120,000 customers the County services. More systems are planned to be brought on line this year to accomplish the goals of the department.


Corrosion TreatmentThe treatment involves adding a small amount of sodium hydroxide to raise the pH of the water. When this occurs, the calcium that is naturally found in the water precipitates out of the water, where it sticks to the interior of plumbing. The coating of calcium helps prevent pinhole leaks and will protect from any leaching action that might occur from copper pipes and brass fixtures. The construction for this treatment process was accomplished by the utility and saved over $150,000 from having an outside contractor perform the work.