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   Sanford, FL 32771
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   Phone: (407) 665-0000

Animal Services
   Emergency: 911
   Phone: (407) 665-5110

Sheriff's Office
   Emergency: 911
   Phone: (407) 665-6600

Fire Department
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Guide to County Services

Land Development Code, Administrative Code, County Home Rule Charter and County Code

Land Development Code (LDC)  

Seminole County is currently updating the Land Development Code, and the on-line version will not be current until the updates are approved. Please call (407) 665-7377 if you desire specific codes, to ensure that you receive the latest version.

Use the links below to view the code using your internet browser.


Recent LDC Amendments not yet incorporated into the
Online Version


None at this time.

County Code

Seminole County ordinances are codified in the Seminole County Code. Municipal Code Corporation of Tallahassee, Florida, handles the distribution of the Code for the County. You may access the Code online or obtain copies by contacting their office at 800-262-2633.
You may also order additional copies of the Seminole County Code with the order form provided below that must be sent to the Municipal Code Corporation.

Seminole County Home Rule Charter



Administrative Code

This Code contains the general administrative rules, policies and procedures of Seminole County. It is divided into two volumes. The first volume is the Seminole County Administrative Code adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and constitutes the Administrative Code required by Section 125.87, Florida Statutes. Volume 1 sets forth the organization of County government and the duties and responsibilities and powers of all County officials and agencies pursuant to the Charter. The second volume, currently under development, is the County Managers Policy Manual and will include those policies adopted by the County Manager pursuant to his authority under the County Charter, State law, and ordinances and policies adopted by the Board. The Administrative Code is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide for all administrative personnel and govern the operations of the County. Observance of this Administrative Code is mandatory for all County personnel and violation may result in disciplinary action.