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Christine Patten
Library Services Manager
Library Services
215 North Oxford Road
Casselberry, FL 32707
Phone: (407) 665-1505
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Seminole County Public Library

Facts and Trivia

Did you know?

that if Seminole County library users had bought all of the books they checked out last year, they would have had to spend $64,000,000.00.

This doesn't even count all of the newspapers and magazines used, which would make the figure much higher!


Did you know?

that the equivalent of the entire Seminole County population visited the library three times last year.

The Library received 3,408 visitors per day which is one person every 10 seconds.


Did you know?

that the library staff moves the equivalent of the entire library collection off and on the shelves every 72 days.

that if you laid flat, end-to-end, all of the library books checked out last year, you could walk on them from Seminole County to Atlanta, 414 miles away.

The Library checked out 2,626,194 items last year, or one item every 5 seconds.


Did you know?

that our librarians answered almost four questions per minute last year.

The Library answered 780,362 questions, or 2,268 questions per day.


Did you know?

that three out of every four people that you pass in the mall will have a Seminole County Public Library card.

The Library has issued over 320,000 library cards. We issued 23,426 new library cards last year, or 68 each day.